Using Printed Packing Tape in Different Ways

Printed Packing Tape gets Noticing! Custom made printing packaging tape specially designed to your specific specifications is the quick and affordable method to quickly seal a package and quickly identify your brand. Your brand is being identified in a most efficient manner, which increases sales and customer retention. Printed packaging tape not only advertises your business, enhances your merchandise and expresses a message but also seals the package. Printing packaging tape can be customized to fit your individual needs for brand exposure.

It is always in the best interest to use highly durable and long lasting ink colors that are easy to clean. High quality ink colors will ensure longevity and resistance from abrasion and fading for many years to come. In general, printing pouches can be made from high quality polyester film stock that is non-porous and will resist ink removal due to its unique adhesive properties. Pouch material should be able to maintain an even color throughout the lifetime of the printed packaging tape. It is important to select an excellent quality ink color, you can discover more about printed packing tape colors..

A popular choice of custom printed adhesive tape is clear polyester film stock that is known to be archival safe, resistant to scratching and does not show signs of yellowing over time as some standard tapes do. The archival quality of the clear printing packaging tape allows it to resist chemical degradation over time due to sunlight, heat, moisture, air and light. Clear custom printed packaging tape has excellent ink colors that will stay vibrant and are also fade resistant. UV light will not harm the printed adhesive tape.

In order to achieve brand identification and enhance your branding efforts, it is important to use the Stik2it customized packaging tape that can be easily customized with your business logo. The custom packaging tape can be used in a wide range of circumstances including but not limited to the following: trade shows, special promotional events, sales and promotional campaigns, product launch events, launch distribution, employee appreciation nights and company gifts. The wide variety of pms available will give your team the ability to express themselves in unique and creative ways. It is important to choose pms that represent your business. Your team should have as many options available in colors, shapes and sizes as possible. Choosing the wrong color or shape for your printed packaging tape could leave a negative branding impression and could result in poor brand recognition in the future.

In addition to the variety of his and shapes available, you should also consider the brand colors that you would like to incorporate into your marketing materials. Most custom printed packaging tape manufacturers offer a variety of colors and shade choices. There are pms available in traditional, contemporary and novelty brand colors.

When choosing a printed tape manufacturer, it is important to select an experience team that will work with you to explore your brand vision and brand colors in creative ways. PcTec is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of custom printed packaging tapes. They are primarily focused on providing high quality products at affordable prices while being able to deliver to our customers worldwide. PcTec prides itself on offering an extensive selection of both new and remanufactured PPM tapes. Their packaging tapes are made from vinyl which is resistant to water, color fading and stains. Continue reading, to check out more content related to this article here:

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